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Pilates is a system of exercise that focuses on engaging both mind and

body to create overall strength. muscular balance and efficient movement

patterns. Though it was created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates it

did not gain notoriety until the late 90's. Over 10 million people are now

practicing Pilates in the U.S. alone. It's broad appeal is due in part to it's

ability to create lasting change in the body's ability to withstand the rigors of

day to day life whether that means working at a desk for 8 hours, training for a marathon, managing depression or caring for young children.

A regular, sustained Pilates practice improves both physical and mental well

being in many different body types, age groups and fitness levels. With

relatively safe and low impact movements that engage the entire body Pilates

focuses on learning to move more efficiently so that the benefits of the

method can be felt functionally. Every exercise is performed with attention to breathing, core activation, muscular control plus rhythm and flow. Each session deepens your physical mind's understanding of Pilates priciples of breath, centering, control, rhythm and flow, precision and concentration. Herein lies the body/mind connection that moves a Pilates practice well beyond any other program of exercise. 

Movements are done on specially designed equipment (Pilates reformer, springboard and Chair) and/or on a mat. From the most advanced athlete to the previously sedentary, Pilates can meet the needs of anyone wanting to move with more strength, ease and grace.The method works to strengthen the deep core, elongate the spine, build muscle tone and flexibility, correct muscular imbalances and improve alignment, posture and respiration.

The medical community has come to recognize Pilates as a safe an

effective post rehab means of relieving chronic lower back, shoulder, hip and knee pain by strengthening the stabilizing muscle groups surrounding these areas.

(Stabilizers are muscles or muscle groups that work together to provide support while the body creates movement around them.) Many clients begin Pilates after being referred by their M.D. or chiropractor or physical therapist for post rehab. Everyone can gain greater strength,mobility and balance with regular practice.

Participants leave a session with both a sense of accomplishment and

relaxation, often with a renewed interest in, and vigor for their usual daily

physical, intellectual and emotional demands.

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