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The Reformer

Based on the concept of controlled resistance and assistance, this infinitely

versatile apparatus uses springs, pulleys, a footbar and hand or foot straps to

strengthen and align the entire body from the center outward. Spring tension allows for resistance training while the sliding carriage gives you constant feedback as to your level of control over the recoiling springs.

Movements are performed on the reformer in many different positions and for many different purposes.You will build strength and endurance in functional positions of both the torso and extremities. A well rounded session will include exercises that are done sitting, kneeling standing, prone, supine and side laying. Those without physical limitations will experience gentle movement of the spine in all planes.You will also learn to create greater power through the arms and legs by using a stable center.

The reformer is exceptionally helpful for those just beginning their journey

toward fitness. It supports the body in motion and gives

continual information to both client and teacher on alignment, symmetry and

muscle imbalance and weakness. From here we can create a safe and progressive program which will result in whole body development.

The reformer is also an infinity variable tool for the athlete or sports enthusiast looking to improve their game or time. Many report a rapid increase in endurance and a greater ease and flow of movement, better balance and more enjoyment in competition.

Many clients use the reformer from one to three sessions per week. 55 minute reformer sessions are private, semi-private (bring a partner or friend to enhance your level of commitment) Group equipment classes using the reformer are also available.

The Springboard

The Springboard varies from the reformer in several distinct ways that

benefit both novice and experienced users. Springs of varying strength

are attached to the board. Exercises are performed using this direct spring resistance instead of the reformer's pulley and rope system. You will quickly feel your more dominant muscle groups and/or side of the body! From there we'll work to develop even development and correct compensatory patterns.

Movement and muscle development becomes more symmetrical even in those of us who have a very dominant right or left side.

Exercises are done standing, sitting, kneeling, squatting, prone and supine with arm and leg straps. The amount of resistance can be easily and infinitely controlled by the user or teacher by increasing or decreasing the distance to and from the wall or raising and lowering spring height.

 The springboard has a rolldown bar which provides additional assistance to beginners and additional strength and balance challenges to the advanced student.

Instruction on the springboard is combined with the reformer in private and

semi private sessions as well as some group classes. Private group sessions can also be arranged by appointment for up to four people. 

The Chair

Joe Pilates invented the chair with the idea that an unassuming piece of furniture could be easily transformed into a workout apparatus. The chair provides a tremendous challenge for both core stability and mobility. It's elegant design allows almost limitless movement in all planes while sitting standing, squatting. side laying, prone and supine. Resistance for upper body movement is provided by covered elastic tubing and handles.

While quite unassuming, the chair will quickly inform you of your level of deep core strength! Both athletes and couch potatoes see rapid and measurable improvement. As with all the equipment, the chair ensures that each workout will vary from the last and each hour will challenge your body in an ever changing way.

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