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I have been taking Pilates from Myra Pucci for a

little over 2 years. I started with the mat classes

and added the reformer work 1 year ago. The

benefits have been amazing. I am a swimmer and can

now swim laps effortlessly. The combination of

breathing and muscle/core work has improved my posture,

mobility and strength. Myra is an excellent teacher

and individualizes the program to fit your needs. I

can't imagine my life without Pilates taught by Myra.

-Laura Slanker

Pilates...........I thought that was so intimidating. Many people had told me that they tried it and couldn't walk the next day! Not true. I am 53 years old had pelvic prolapse and incontinence issues, and I was a little overweight! Not anymore. Pilates with Myra has changed my life and my wardrobe! It is invigorating, relaxing and so exciting to see what your body is capable of and how quickly it can improve! Myra is wonderful and going to the studio makes the experience private, relaxed, and completely your own!


I first began pilates as a way to get in shape and increase my general strength. In the 6 months that I have been taking pilates, not only have I toned up and increased strength, but I have increased flexibility, more energy, and much better posture. I have become so much more aware of my body, and I'm motivated and inspired by what I've learned so far in class. Myra is hands on, always right there to make sure I'm in the correct position, and adjusting my body if I'm not. Her positive attitude and calm presence as she talks us through the poses and moves provides additional encouragement. It has been wonderful, and the added benefit is that my previous back problems have subsided.

-Elaine Lynch

I’ve taken Pilates classes and private sessions both locally and in several sites around the country, so I’ve been exposed to a variety of teaching styles. A couple teachers have been quite good, a few were absolutely ineffective and totally frustrating, and most are just “OK.”

Quite simply, Myra Pucci stands head & shoulders above the rest! She is the best Pilates instructor I’ve yet encountered. (I have a Masters in Education, and I’ve trained and evaluated employees in the private sector for years; I consider myself a credible judge of teaching skill.)

Her toolbox of Pilates techniques is huge and she adeptly assesses the student’s level and selects appropriate exercises and modifications. In every session she fine-tunes my form and challenges my strength, yet gives me permission to modify when I need it. With Myra I know I have the latitude to perform one rep more, or three reps less, as my body feels is right for a particular day.

She has highly effective, efficient communications skills so she is able to clearly explain what to do and give relevant imagery to help you figure out how to do it. Beyond her deep technical training and clear communication skills, Myra is genuinely heartfelt in her desire to spread the benefits of Pilates that she has enabled for herself, to the benefit of others. I have a genuinely good time every session, and as I’ve observed her clientele grow I see other students enjoying themselves as well. Definitely a positive energy fills the air in her Pilates studio.

I’ve observed Myra helping many others, but in my case some special circumstances exist, namely significant abdominal surgeries. What I’ve achieved through Pilates is truly remarkable. I had heard of Pilates years earlier in California; I observed that anyone who uttered the word looked firm and young and strong.. No way would I have the ability to do any “core” work. I barely had a “core” to work with. So, not to delve into the detail of every other Pilates session in the intervening two years, I’ll reflect a moment on my present experience with Pilates as a system and with Myra as a teacher.

My body is stronger, firmer, and more toned than ever in my life. I have way more stamina; I walk up stairs. I park far away from the store entrance. I have less shoulder & neck pain; I only see the chiropractor every three of four months now vs. weekly as I had done for many years before I started Pilates. For the first time in my life, I have embarked on a loving relationship with my body. I enjoy enhanced strength, stamina. When I look at how strong I feel now, it’s really hard for me to remember what it felt like to be so weak, so fatigued.

I hope to never feel that way again, and Pilates is a key part of strategy to keep my relationship with my body healthy.

-Shari Lauter

I'm 55, with chronic congenital back problems, and here are just a few things I can now do, after 18 months of Pilates with Myra, that I could not do before:

-effortlessly lift and carry 50-pound loads in my arms: boxes of books, bags of bird seed, cat litter, etc.

-easily carry much heavier loads on my back, for example, trash cans filled with compacted wet leaves. I can also rotate the load through a full range of motion, and not hurt the next day either.

-take long road trips -- fifteen hours in a car, with no back pain!

-show off my biceps, or drop into a plank and do push-ups.

-get out of bed without using my hands.

-amaze the nurse at the doctor's office by regaining the half-inch of height I'd lost.

I don't love exercising, but I love feeling strong! I just put myself into Myra's hands and she talks me through it, continually increasing the level and complexity of the exercises. I could never have done this on my own, and I intend to keep doing it until I'm a) dead or b) physically unable to get to the studio.

~Anita Buck

Breathing and Pilates

Particular emphasis is placed on breathing in Pilates. Though you'll be encouraged to use your breath in specific ways throughout the session there's no right or wrong way to breathe. In Pilates the breath is integrated into every movement for many reasons. It helps keep one's awareness on the task at hand. It improves the flow of oxygen throughout our tissue. It improves the capacity of our lungs. It connects us to our core musculature thereby empowering our movement even further. It allows you to leave a session feeling renewed and awake yet calm.

Joseph Pilates said: "Above all else, breathe".

The Pelvic Floor and Pilates

Included in the deep core musculature is the pelvic floor. By engaging these muscles in both matwork and on the reformer, men and women experience improvements in their overall functioning.

To read an articles on pelvic floor health and recovery from incontinence please go to the following link

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